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Ledger protects the private keys from your cryptocurrency holdings on a hardware device.

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Guarda + Ledger<br>Hardware Wallet

Why Choose Ledger?

Enhanced Security

Ledger is a line of highly secure hardware wallets that encrypts the private keys to all of your assets. This ensures that nobody except you will ever gain access to your private keys.

Authorized by you

The activation of Ledger is done directly on the device. Transactions cannot be sent by mistake or fraudlently, without your confirmation on a device.

Easy to use

Manage multiple assets on the ultimate security hardware cryptocurrency wallet, with a great addition of Guarda’s user-friendly interface. Here's Ledger Nano X review by to get more info.

Dual-Chip Setup

We use Encrypted Backup for an extra security while Ledger's security system uses a dual-chip setup. The first chip contains your confidential data and the other one acts as a bridge between your PC and the Secure Element.

Available Assets

Manage and store these currencies on your Ledger using Guarda.

When using a Ledger to secure your Binance Chain wallet your private keys are not exposed and never leave the device, guarding you against loss, malware and phishing attacks.

Secure your Bitcoin assets with the most trusted hardware wallet. Cold storage wallets are typically encrypted devices that store users' Bitcoin assets offline, providing a layer of security against the evolving threats emerging from being connected to the Internet.

Secure multiple assets, including Ethereum, using a Ledger Hardware Wallet. Your private keys, giving access to your assets, remain safe in a certified secure chip.

Secure your (ETC) assets using a Ledger Hardware Wallet and Guarda. Your data stays safe and private.

Protect your Litecoin assets with non-custodial services of Guarda combined with offline security of Ledger.

Not only you can securely store your CLO on Ledger, you can also stake it, using Callisto Cold Staking smart contract.

Ledger + Guarda Wallet

Guarda provides an interface for you to interact with the blockchain and manage your funds in a secure and convenient way while your Ledger is connected.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Keep full control of your private keys using our non-custodial services combined with Ledger's state-of-the-art security products.

View your portfolio

View your portfolio

Check your real-time balance and history on Guarda, and then secure your transactions with your Ledger device.

Buy & Exchange Crypto

Buy & Exchange Crypto

Guarda Wallet allows you to easily buy, exchange, send or stake crypto with your and secure them using your Ledger.

How to connect your Ledger to Guarda?

Please note that Ledger only supports browsers with 2-factor authentication enabled, which means that you will need to open Guarda Wallet in Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

Go to your wallet

Under your list of currencies, you can find an extra menu titled Ledger. After you’ve connected your Ledger Nano S device to the USB port, click the Connect button.

Choose coins

A list of currencies will appear; you can choose which of your Ledger wallets you would like to connect. Make sure that you have the currency selected both on Guarda and on the device.

Ledger's connected

It’s important to note that connecting your Ledger to Guarda will not export or import your wallets. Your private keys remain contained within your device – Guarda will simply function as an interface, allowing you to execute operations and interact with the blockchain.



1. Why does Ledger asks me to export public keys manually?

If the version of your Ledger Nano S device is 1.5.5 or newer, every time you attempt to export a BTC address, the following prompt will appear on the device: Export Public Key? In order to export the address to Guarda, you will need to press the right button on your Ledger to confirm the operation.
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2. What is my Ledger PIN code?

Your Ledger PIN code is a combination of 4 to 8 numbers that you set up upon initializing your Ledger Nano S device. As your assets are stored within the hardware wallet, they are protected with this PIN. It has to be entered into the device at the beginning of every session.

It is not possible to change or recover your PIN code within Guarda. Therefore it is crucial that you do not lose or forget your PIN.

3. How to restore Ledger?

You can restore your Ledger or clone it to another device, maintaining the same private keys.
Follow these steps

4. How to export or import Ledger wallets?

Connect your Ledger hardware wallet device to your computer, unlock it with a PIN code and select the currency you would like to work with both on Ledger and on Guarda.
Full step-by-step guide

5. What is my Ledger recovery phrase?

It is a 24-word phrase that is shown to you at the moment the device is initialised after turning it on for the first time; it is provided by your Ledger itself and not by Guarda. Each device comes with a recovery sheet that can be used to write down the recovery phrase. The phrase cannot be changed within Guarda.

6. How to add wallets with different derivation paths to Guarda?

By default Guarda adds Ledger wallets with the same derivation path as the one modern Ledger devices generated their wallet with.
However, we support other derivation path variations as well. You can set up your own custom derivation path while adding your Ledger wallets to Guarda.
Full guide

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