Cryptocurrency Payment Deeplink

Guarda Deeplink is a great opportunity for merchants to increase their conversion rate. The Deeplink allows your customers to make cryptocurrency payments in one click.

Guarda Deeplink is a small piece of code that makes a big deal - initiates a payment transaction. If you are about to start accepting cryptocurrency payments or donations, just add our Deeplink code for free and place a payment button on your website, so your customers will send you crypto fast and easy.

Here is how it looks like in Guarda Chrome Extension:

Guarda Chrome Extension

Benefits of Guarda Cryptocurrency Deeplink

Guarda Deeplink initiates a transaction, not just give a user an address for payment. Due to this, your customers will stay on the website and the way from receiving the address to making the payment is shortened and automated.

Accept any cryptocurrency

Guarda supports more than 45 blockchains and over 10 000 tokens. You are free to choose any of these cryptocurrencies as the payment.

Specify the parameters

Manage payments flexibly by using a wide range of parameters. Everything from Receiver Address to the Amount to Send or Gas Limit.

Customize the data

Your clients and you can specify the payment type. It is possible to add payment tags, IDs or short messages from the payers, that will help you organize the income.

Allow complex transactions

Some transactions are more advanced and require specific parameters. For instance, if you want clients to transfer funds to a smart contract, you need to be sure they have set sufficient Gas Price and Gas Limit for successful transaction processing.

Deeplink to Send

1. Add Guarda Deeplink code to your web page.

2. Set the parameters of the payments

Search params:
Key Value Type Required Description
amount number No Default sending amount
addressTo string Yes Your receiving address in the chosen currency
currencyFrom string Yes Preferred cryptocurrency. Check out the full list of supported coins
gasLimit string No The maximum amount of Gas
gasPrice string No Price in Gwei for each unit of Gas
nonce string No Number of transactions sent from the address
extraId string No Any custom information
family string Yes Ticker of token's parent currency. Only for tokens.

3. Add “Pay with Guarda” button

A user summons a pop-up transaction window in their Chrome Extension by clicking the button. In the case of Guarda Chrome Extension not being installed, the user will be redirected to to proceed with the payment.

Look how it works using our online example. Fill in the fields with your custom data and click Pay with Guarda.

Deeplink online example:

  • Enter your custom data in the field
  • Click Pay with Guarda
  • Create an instant payment transaction to the specified address

Deeplink for a Detailed Transaction

Key Value Type Required Description
txId String Yes Input transaction hash
If you want to learn more about Guarda API, check our GitHub
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